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Fetchas matchmaking is done by dedicated individuals who have been working with rescues for several years. They all have decided to take a step back and help future adopters like you find the pet you are really looking for in rescue. The common complaint we hear from adopters who are struggling to adopt is,

"By the time my application was approved, the pet I wanted was already adopted."

When using our matchmaking services, this eliminates that complaint and puts the pet of your dreams in your home.


How you benefit from fetcha matchmaking:

  • One on one matchmaking

  • Personalized matchmaking (Age, breed, etc)

  • Dedication to finding your match

  • Local animals (WI or IL)

  • We can and have located that "designer mutt" or purebred in rescues and shelters 

  • fetcha works with numerous rescues and shelters

  • fetcha can contact the rescue and shelters directly to make sure the dog you want is available, cutting out all the wasted time.

If you have any questions, please contact us! We would love to answer any and all of them!

*Please note: fetcha will not process incomplete applications.

Both application and a donation of $21 must be received to start your matchmaking journey.