Fetcha Rescue Networking

Fetchas matchmaking team consists of two dedicated individuals, Missy and Lindsey. Both ladies have been working with rescues for several years. They both decided to take a step back and help future adopters like you find the pet you are really looking for. The common complaint we hear from adopters who are struggling to adopt is, " By the time my application was approved, the pet I wanted was already adopted." By using our matchmaking services, this eliminates that complaint and puts the pet of your dreams in your home.
How do you benefit from fetcha matchmaking:
  • One on one matchmaking
  • Personalized matchmaking (Age, breed, etc)
  • Dedication to finding your match
  • Local pups and cats (WI or IL)
  • We can and have located that "designer mutt" or purebred in rescues and shelters 
  • fetcha works with numerous rescues and shelters
  • fetcha can contact the rescue and shelters directly to make sure the dog you want is available, cutting out all the wasted time.
If you have any questions, please contact us ! We would love to answer any and all of them!

*Please note: fetcha will not process incomplete applications. 
Not only does fetcha focus on matchmaking we do offer other services.

For our rescue and shelter partners our primary focus is to help YOU network your pets in foster care. Fetcha understands the importance of time or lack of. The longer your foster pets are in care looking for a home, it limits the amount of lives saved every day due to not having space. We have amazing networking skills and would love to help you. By joining together we can save more lives than ever before! 

It is free for  ALL rescue and shelters! All you need to be is a 501c3 non-profit organization and  a Director/Presidents approval!

To get started, simply fill out an agreement below! 
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Pet Rehoming


Unforunately sometimes in life we are hit with struggles. Sometimes those struggles that hit us leave us having a hard time pulling ourselves out of them. In those times those struggles include our furry family members and having to rehome them. As pet owners ourselves fetcha understands its not an easy decision.

Who do they go to? How do you keep them from ending up in the wrong hands? How do we keep them out of the shelter? For these exact questions this is why fetcha offers a rehoming services. We do NOT take your animal in our care but we will help you find a new family. We post your pet on our website, accept applications, and run "CCap" checks on future adopters for your rehoming pet. Once the applications are approved they are sent to the rehoming family.​ *Our applications are of a "Rescue standard".

Rehoming services:
  • Website exposure
  • Networking
  • Application serives 
  • "CCap" Checks on applicants
If you have any questions, please contact us ! We would love to answer any and all of them!
Homechecks are easy however sometimes getting them done isn't. Fetcha offers a homecheck services for rescues or even adopters needing one prior to their adoption! 

Need one done? Contact us a message for a travel quote!
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