Meet Sarge!


Meet Sarge!

Age: 7 years
Breed: Purebred Border Collie
Gender: Neutered Male
Weight: 50lbs
Good with kids? Yes
Good with dogs? No
Good with cats? Unknown

Rehome fee: $100

Location: Black Creek, WI

About me!​​

He is excellent with kids. When they are running, he will be running right with them! He loves to play fetch with them as well. But don’t hold onto the ball/toy too long and tease him because he does try to get it eventually! He just loves to play! He is always VERY excited to see children come over to play! I think he knows they are the best ones to play with  ;-)
Hanging out with Cats is unknown. Only because he's never come into contact with one. Not sure that he has a "prey drive" so to speak but he definitely shows the herding drive!
Sarge is a very outgoing, affectionate, playful young man. His biggest desire is to play ball. As long as someone is throwing a ball for him,he's a very happy boy. And the further you throw it...the better!!! Thank Goodness for “Chuk-its”. 
Another thing Sarge likes to do is chase reflections from the sun or a laser pointer, like a cat! He will do this for HOURS!!! And drool all over the place lol. 
His only downfall is your hand needs to keep petting him or he will give it a nudge to let you know he wants more! Once you're done petting, he's done snuggling. 

Who are we kidding?! A dog who loves to snuggle and be pet is great! Like most Border Collies, he does not like loudnoises (fireworks, gunshots, loud equipment, etc). Sarge does not do well in a kennel...he WILL find a way out. He's completely house broken though and does just fine with the run of the house (as long as it's not for too long because he WILL get bored). He is very high energy and requires at LEAST one hour of straight play a day. He grew up in a fenced in yard but just recently we've moved to the country with 2 acres of land that is not fenced in. He sticks around for the most part but does need to be watched because he will wander with curiosity. He definitely needs room to run though! 

So, if you are someone who is energetic and is looking for a loving companion to be active with...

Sarge is YOUR guy!
He is fully vaccinated and neutered too!