Meet Marley!


Meet Marley!

Age: 9 years
Breed: Red Tick Hound
Gender: Spayed female
Weight: 60lbs
Good with kids? Yes
Good with dogs? Yes
Good with cats? Yes

Good with birds? No

Rehome fee: $100

Location: Marathon, WI

About me!​​

Marley is aged but you wouldn’t know it by how healthy she is and what good shape she is in! Marley is a great walking or jogging buddy on her gentle leader. She is also just as content curling up by you on the couch or in bed for a snooze. She loves to be warm and she enjoys to be covered with her blanket at night. Marley has come such a long way since her current family has had her. She used to flinch and cower when you would reach out to pet her and she would curl up in a little ball by herself to sleep. Now she loves to be pet and loves to snuggle and sometimes hog the bed. She likes to sleep so you will have to convince her to get up in the morning. Do you blame her though? Especially mondays! Yikes!  

Anyways, after a potty break and breakfast it’s right back to sleep for this sweetheart. Marley has the cutest ears that perk up for key words like “potty” “outside” and “treat”. Marley will also jump up (if you want her to) and makes a great dancing partner. She loves to smell everything. She will smell so close to your face it tickles but she doesn’t slobber all over you. She loves soup bones and rope toys. She will toss them around and up in the air. She also likes tug of war with her brother dog. Marley is such a gem who would love a family to retire with.

She really deserves a home where she will be an inside dog but also have a nice fenced in yard where she can run and play and be loved for the rest of her life. Her current family has done their best spoiling her over the past year and a half but their property does not give us an option to have a fence and she has to be tied up. While this is okay she hates it when she can’t be right by us and is left out being on her tie out. Marley is a fast learner and will likely adjust easily to a new routine.

She is spayed and up to date on vaccinations.