About Us

Our ​​Story
Fetcha is a networking and matchmaking service that was founded by those who have volunteered in rescues and shelters. We felt we could save more lives by switching the focus to the ones currently in rescue. By finding homes for pets inside of a rescue, in return it would allow rescues to pull more lives from shelters that they may not have been able to  before.

Shelters and rescues have so many different breeds and ages! There is no reason why adopters should walk away because they cannot find “the one” in rescue.

They are all out there and with the help of fetcha we make it possible. From designer mutts to purebreds, we WILL find them. No matter age nor breed.
What does fetcha cost for rescues?
Our networking services costs absolutely nothing. All of fetchas team are volunteers. This is our way of giving back and helping out. 

Does fetcha charge for matchmaking?
We charge adopters $20 for matchmaking and rehoming services. A matchmaking family will only submit a matchmaking fee to us (The adoption fee goes directly to the rescue at the time of adoption).

Once we have an adopter using our matchmaking services we reach out to all of our rescues asking if they have what they are looking for in their rescue. If you do, we send the adopter your way to fill out YOUR adoption application. After that we simply stay in touch with the adopter and your rescue to make sure everything is going smoothly during the adoption process. We do not screen adopters and we leave that solely to the rescues since everyone has their own procedures and policies.

How do I have a rescue pet networked through fetcha?
Before we start networking rescue pets we ask that everyone fills out a fetcha agreement form. Once approved we will add you and all of your approved volunteers inside our network. Inside our network we will have a post that comes out every sunday and is dated for that week. We ask you comment on the dated post with the information it asks for. Once submitted on that post, we send it out through facebook and instagram for them to go through social media. Once we have an adopter “bite”, we send them your application to apply.
What is the fetcha Network?
The fetcha network is a group forum on facebook that holds ALL of our rescues and its volunteers. Inside is where we urge everyone to post, ask questions, and seek help from one another. There are absolutely NO outsiders allowed. Only approved volunteers from our rescues are allowed inside. It is a safe zone and a tool for everyone to use. We ask that ALL rescues are 501c3 status and we may ask for proof of it in the future. 
See You There :)